90+ Money Back Special!

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Don’t you hate it when a last minute goal snatches away a win when you thought it was in the bag? Well here at Betfinal we help you alleviate this feeling and offer a full refund as cash if a late goal sinks your bet! All losing football bets up to a maximum of €50 will be fully refunded as cash if a goal is scored on or after 90:01 until the final whistle and result in your bet loses.

Place bet

Needs to be a pre-match bet on below eligible leagues.

Lose bet

If you lose your bet because of a goal after 90:01 we refund as cash.

Claim refund

Claim your refund and you will have it back on your account within 24h.

Eligible leagues:

EURO 2016, English Premier League, Spanish La liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1.